The Acacia Partnership


Thank you for getting your GROOVE on with the Acacia Partnership!
We are thrilled to report that our Membership Drive was an incredible success!


Throughout the four-week membership drive, we have had 273 families donate to the Acacia Partnership (46% Participation).  We raised $55,905.00 for the education of our children! We nearly met our membership drive of 50% family participation and we nearly reached our goal of $60,000.00.

These numbers are remarkable and provide a tremendous start to our school year. Our annual fundraising goal of $100,000, which we have achieved since the Foundation began in 2011, provides critical programs that our children benefit from throughout the year. It is important that we continue this momentum and support our upcoming fundraising events: the Fall Festival, the Parent Gala, and the Jog-a-thon.  Please remembers that your tax-deductible donations to the Acacia Elementary School Foundation are welcomed at any time during the school year.  EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS!

We want to say an enormous thank you to the membership drive team for their hard work in planning throughout the summer, and for all of the details of implementation since school began. Thank you to Kerry Maturo, Aileen Villanueva, Barbara Santoro, Michelle Knowles, Mike Niemann, Nathan Forrester, and Lisa Rowley for helping to make this membership drive a success! Thank you, also, to Vanessa Mougenot for her beautiful photos that have been used each year for the membership drive brochure. Finally, thank you to Rick Hawkins for dressing up as the Acacia panda to promote membership drive participation.

With gratitude for supporting our children together,
The Acacia Partnership