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Who are we? We are the Acacia PTA and the Acacia Elementary School Foundation, working together to support the students of Acacia Elementary School. To learn more, please click here to watch our video: The Acacia Partnership!


STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) – $16,600

Thank you for your support of the Acacia Elementary School Foundation! One of the many ways that your contributions are impacting our school is support for STEM. The Foundation gave $16,600 towards this program for this school year.


Our new STEM program at Acacia just launched at the end of January as a result of parent donations to our Foundation. A part-time STEM teacher was hired to work with all of the classrooms, and each grade level obtained a new STEM enrichment curriculum called, “Engineering is Elementary.” This is the nation’s leading engineering curriculum for elementary school students. It involves engaging, project-based engineering activities that integrate with instruction in life science, earth and space science, and physical science.

The curriculum includes a teacher guide, a storybook, and a materials kit for each classroom, encouraging students to use reasoning and problem solving skills. Each grade will be receiving seven weeks of instruction, beginning with the upper grades (4-6), and culminating in the lower grades (K-3). This exciting new program would not have been possible without Foundation funds. To view the website:


Our computer lab is currently being transformed into an “Innovative Learning Space” with the purchase of functional equipment and materials. The goal is to create a space where Acacia children can build and create innovative projects, with STEM as the initial emphasis. During the upcoming Gala on Friday, February 27th, the “Fund a Need” portion of the evening will focus on raising additional money to further develop and complete this exciting new collaborative learning space for our children.

Mrs. Lewis, the third grade GATE teacher, states, “We are so grateful to the Foundation for funding STEM education at Acacia.  As we build our new Innovative Learning Space, our kids will have opportunities to explore science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in hands-on, meaningful, and engaging ways that will help prepare them for the future.  When we do STEM activities, the kids’ faces light up!  They love problem solving, thinking critically and creatively, and collaborating together to solve STEM challenges. By bringing STEM into the classrooms of Acacia, we are fostering a life-long interest in learning, and encouraging our students to be the innovators of tomorrow.  Thank you Acacia Foundation!  We are excited to see our students learn, prosper, and grow through STEM education!”

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