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Who are we? We are the Acacia PTA and the Acacia Elementary School Foundation, working together to support the students of Acacia Elementary School. To learn more, please click here to watch our video: The Acacia Partnership!


All the Arts – $1650

Thank you for your support of the Acacia Elementary School Foundation! One of the many ways that your contributions are impacting our school is support for the All the Arts program. The Foundation gave $1650 to this program for this school year.


Our Acacia children receive a total of 24 weeks of instruction in the arts; six weeks in each of the subjects of art, music, dance, and theater. The Fullerton School District is the only district in Orange County that is able to provide every kindergarten through sixth grade child with lessons taught by artists/educators in these four subject areas during the regular school day.

The real cost of the program is $25 per child, or approximately $18,000 for a school of our size. However, the cost to Acacia is only $1650 because the All the Arts for All the Kids Foundation raises their own funds to offset the cost of the program for each school in our district.

The lessons are taught by professional artists with innovative, curriculum-related arts experiences. In addition to classes taught by All the Arts teachers on campus in the classroom and multipurpose room, two school buses have been transformed into an ARTS lab that visits our school. These are mobile, digital arts studios where students are guided by skilled artists to make short movies about what they are learning in their classrooms. View the website at:

Mrs. Thomas, a kindergarten teacher, states, “The All the Arts program is a vital part of our students’ education. These highly trained teachers offer interactive lessons which reach deeper levels of the arts. With 21st century learning upon us, the opportunity for use of ‘The Art Bus’ combined with technology and specialized instructors, is better preparing our children for the rigor of the education that lies ahead.”


For the last two years, All the Arts assisted Mrs. DiLuigi’s class in creating their classroom art canvas in a beautiful rendition of Vincent van Gogh’s “Café Terrace at Night” which sold in the silent auction of Acacia’s Roaring 20s Gala and the 50s Rock ‘n’ Bowl Parent Party. All classrooms will again be creating spectacular art canvases to be displayed in the downtown Fullerton Art Walk on February 6th, 2015, and sold at the upcoming Lights, Camera, Auction Gala on February 27th. The students take tremendous pride in their art work!

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