Welcome to the Acacia Partnership!

Who are we? We are the Acacia PTA and the Acacia Elementary School Foundation, working together to support the students of Acacia Elementary School.

Acacia is a great place for our students to learn because of the great teaching and administrative staff. However, Acacia is a great community because the Acacia Partnership works in conjunction with school staff to provide additional community and school spirit activities through our PTA, and to support our school with fundraising dollars through the Acacia Elementary School Foundation.

PTA Sponsored Events Include:

  • Back to School Welcome
  • Father & Daughter Dance
  • Mother & Son Night Out
  • Book Fairs
  • Family Movie Nights
  • Dining with Acacia
  • Variety Show
  • Teacher Appreciation Week

Foundation Fundraising Events Include:

  • Membership Drive
  • Fall Festival
  • Parent Party & Auction
  • Art Walk
  • Jog-a-Thon

The Acacia Partnership Membership Drive kicks off August 21st. Please join Acacia’s Foundation and PTA which work together to support all of our Acacia Pandas.

Thank you for supporting Acacia Elementary School!


Christy Carter, President, Acacia PTA
Michael Vazquez, President, Acacia Elementary School Foundation

…You can also visit us on facebook!