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Welcome to The Acacia Partnership, where the Acacia Elementary School Foundation raises money in support of our fantastic school and the important programs that enrich our children’s education, and our Acacia PTA supports community involvement and making great memories for our Acacia Pandas!


Thank you for your support of the Acacia Elementary School Foundation!  One of the many ways that your contributions are impacting our school is support for the PE program.  The Foundation gave $26,000 towards PE for this school year.


Our children participate in the nationally award winning PE program called “SPARK” (Sports, Play & Active Recreation for Kids).  SPARK has been honored as an exemplary program by the U.S. Department of Education.  Credentialed PE teacher, Chris Davis, and his assistant, Amy Bokn, bring their specialized training and years of experience to Acacia.

This year, our PE program cost $47,000.  After the $26,000 from the Foundation is distributed to PE, money must be taken from other categories of our school budget to make up the balance.  Without Foundation funding, our current PE program would not exist.


During PE, teachers meet in grade level PLCs to monitor student learning and analyze classroom needs.  The practice of PLCs at Acacia was highly commended by the California Distinguished School validation team in 2012.  This PLC time would not be available to the teachers without funding for Coaches Davis and Bokn.

Miss Spencer, a first grade teacher, states, “The Acacia PE program benefits our students in many ways.  It gives our students an opportunity to receive instruction from a teacher with a credential specific to physical education.  They have time each week to learn about a variety of different sports and activities at their developmental level.  PE time also gives the teachers time each week to meet in our Professional Learning Communities to review students’ data, discuss the best ways to help or challenge students, and plan as a grade level.”


  • Caden, Kindergarten: “I love PE because we play games and the games are fun!”
  • Braden, 1st grade: “I love PE because I get rewarded when I run the mileage club.”
  • Elenora, 2nd grade: “My favorite thing about PE is playing with the parachute because you get to climb a mountain of air!”
  • Nasreen, 3rd grade: “I love PE because Mr. Davis has so many creative ideas that make PE fun.”
  • Dylan, 4th grade: “My favorite thing about PE is playing the game Braveheart!”
  • Josh, 5th grade: “I like PE because you get to play games like Braveheart and exercise at the same time. We have the best PE teachers!”
  • Kayla, 6th grade: “Tuesdays and Fridays are my favorite days to come to school because of PE. Mr. Davis and Mrs. Bokn are so nice and create fun activities for us to keep us healthy and happy.”

All proceeds from the upcoming Foundation sponsored Jog-a-thon on Friday, April 17th will go directly to help fund the PE program.  Thank you for your generous donations that make such an outstanding PE program possible!

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