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Who are we? We are the Acacia PTA and the Acacia Elementary School Foundation, working together to support the students of Acacia Elementary School. To learn more, please click here to watch our video: The Acacia Partnership!


DreamBox Learning Math – $7000

Thank you for your support of the Acacia Elementary School Foundation! One of the many ways that your contributions are impacting our school is support for DreamBox Learning Math. The Foundation gave $7000 to this online program for this school year.


This is the first school year that Acacia has been able to afford to purchase the DreamBox Learning Math program, solely because of parent donations to the Foundation.

DreamBox Learning Math is a rigorous math curriculum with an engaging, game-like environment which offers a highly personalized, student-driven math learning experience. It offers over 1,200 lessons with millions of paths through the curriculum. DreamBox provides supplemental support for direct teacher instruction. To view the website:

To engage students exactly where they are, DreamBox adjusts in real-time, adapting hints, level of difficulty, pace, and sequence as appropriate. Teachers are then provided with a robust set of reports detailing student usage, progress, and proficiency. DreamBox is used at every grade level at Acacia.

Mrs. DiLuigi, the 5th grade GATE teacher, states, “DreamBox is a math program that our Foundation has generously provided for Acacia students this year!  This is an interactive program that incorporates ‘Intelligent Adaptive Learning’ technology.  This means that the level of difficulty and support changes depending on how the students are answering the questions.  Students can work on their iPads to complete math problems in a variety of ways to strengthen conceptual understanding.  It offers support through visual representations and tutorials.  The program is packaged with incentives that students like, such as the ability to earn coins and badges.  For the teachers, DreamBox provides several different reports such as progress by standards and usage, which is invaluable. Acacia students are so fortunate to have this personalized learning experience at their fingertips.”

Your Foundation support is significantly enhancing the education of our children!

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