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Who are we? We are the Acacia PTA and the Acacia Elementary School Foundation, working together to support the students of Acacia Elementary School. To learn more, please click here to watch our video: The Acacia Partnership!

Support for Teacher Professional Development and Training – $6000

Thank you for your support of the Acacia Elementary School Foundation! One of the many ways that your contributions are impacting our school is support for teaching professional development and training. The Foundation gave $6000 to this category for this school year.

DID YOU KNOW…?   As a result of this funding, eight Acacia teachers will attend the renowned two day CUE (Computer Using Educators) conference in Northern California at the end of October. To view the website:

The teachers attending the conference will be:

  • Miss Spencer – 1st grade
  • Mrs. Weber – 1st grade
  • Mrs. Hutchison – 3rd grade
  • Mrs. Lewis – 3rd grade
  • Mrs. DiLuigi – 5th grade
  • Mrs. Brewer – 6th grade
  • Mrs. Kojima – 6th grade
  • Mrs. Given – Cotsen Mentor

At the conference, these teachers will deepen their knowledge of state of the art technology and teaching strategies, and will then provide training for the rest of the staff.

Mrs. Kojima, the 6th grade GATE teacher, states, “Last year, I was lucky enough to be a part of a cohort of Acacia teachers to participate in the CUE Conference in Northern California.  It was an amazing experience, learning cutting edge techniques, strategies, and applications to be able to further our expertise in facilitating ’21st Century Learning Skills’ with our students. This year, I am doubly blessed to have another opportunity to learn and grow with my colleagues.  Allowing us these professional development opportunities fosters our learning so that we may be better teachers for our students at Acacia.  We are truly grateful for this amazing opportunity from the Acacia Elementary School Foundation. Acacia teachers and staff are so blessed to have the support and funding from the Foundation.  Thank you so much!”

Regarding the importance of our Foundation, Dr. Whisnant states, “Without the Foundation, it would not be possible for our teachers to attend such high quality professional development opportunities. We are all grateful for the wonderful parent support through the Foundation that makes these opportunities possible. The end result is a better educational program for the children of Acacia School.”

Your Foundation support is truly making a difference for the education of our children!

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