I want to make sure that there is nothing standing in the way of my children’s education; including the proper supplies, equipment and the best teaching staff available. Through The Acacia Elementary School Foundation I aim to fill in the gaps that the current economic conditions allow and provide state of the art technology so that my children are prepared for the future.
-Christy Carter

The Acacia Elementary School Foundation will have a fundraising capability above and beyond what the PTA has been able to do. I am looking forward to the benefits my child, and all other Acacia students, will reap from the Foundation’s efforts.
-Michele Garden

The funds the Acacia Elementary School Foundation will be able to raise can make sure that up-to-date technology is available to the students, and teachers, of Acacia Elementary School. Having a Foundation will make it easier to gain corporate donations and matching funds furthering our goal of making Acacia student’s technologically savvy.
-Roman Shulze

Our family has been part of the Acacia School community since 2005. Funding for the school has been cut dramatically over the past 6 years, but the commitment from Acacia’s teachers and staff has never waned during this time. I want to do all I can to financially support this amazing level of commitment to my children. I believe the Acacia Elementary School Foundation changes the focus from cutting to building– building a better school community for our children for this year and years to come. Together, we as parents, teachers, staff, and community-members can make a difference in our children’s education that will last them a lifetime.
–Jennifer Saucedo

A Foundation is needed at Acacia School to raise money for what the state can no longer pay for – programs and enrichment activities that are vital to a child’s education and literacy. These include music/arts, instruction in a second language, and athletics. For example, studies (Schellenberg, 2004) show that time dedicated to musical instruction fosters academic excellence in other core subjects. The gift of a comprehensive and well rounded education will serve our children, their families, and their communities for the rest of their lives. EG Schellenberg – Psychological Science, 2004 – pss.sagepub.com
-Lisa Rowley

After 4 years of advocating for an Acacia Elementary School Foundation, I am sincerely pleased to see it become a reality. Our foundation provides a legal, organized and transparent means by which we all as individuals, families or businesses can donate much-needed funds for supplies & programs (such as art, field trips and physical education) that help our children receive a truly well-rounded educational experience. Please donate, volunteer or do whatever you are able to do to help us help our children!
–Jessica Klingsberg

I volunteered for the Acacia Elementary School Foundation because I believe fundraising is critical to support our teachers and school. Transferring the burden of fundraising from our children to the Acacia community will provide more opportunity for our children to focus on more productive activities. With the support of Acacia families, we can raise more funds than in the past and provide additional educational materials and programs for our school. Our children deserve the best education that we can offer.
–Nikki Kohlenberger